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Protein  Dragee from Chikalab are sweets that will definitely please everyone, combining a pleasant pastime with benefits for the body. Each Peanut dragee is coated with a layer of protein milk chocolate and in  as well. Moreover, the chocolate used in the production is a unique joint development of the Chikalab company and Italian chocolatiers. It is made from the purest cocoa without sugar.



  • Protein dragee in chocolate;
  • No added simple sugars or gluten;
  • Three layers: chocolate-protein-nut 
  • Using 100% cocoa;
  • Whey concentrate in the composition;
  • 25 grams of protein per 100g of pills;
  • With water-soluble corn fiber.


These pills are just a breakthrough in the world of healthy snacks. I just want to try them. Judge for yourself. A whole nut covered with a layer of protein and milk chocolate and  as well. How do such pills deserve the fame of a “healthy” snack? After all, it is essentially a sweetness, but an unusual sweetness. Let’s sort it out in order.

In the middle, there is a nut – Peanut. Take your pick. Any nut is a source of valuable nutrients, primarily useful polyunsaturated fats, as well as vitamins and minerals. You can choose such pills with a cornball inside. Also a good option. In this case, you are providing yourself with a serving of nutritious water-soluble corn fiber. Again, it’s worth mentioning that nuts and corn fiber are both long-lasting satiety.

Move on. Protein layer, and whey concentrate. Any protein is always useful and necessary for the body.

Finally, a layer of milk chocolate. What is its peculiarity? The chocolate used is a joint development of Chikalab technologists and Italian chocolatiers. This chocolate filling contains no sugar and is made with 100 percent cocoa and corn fiber.


Protein dragee in chocolate

  • 25 grams of protein per 100g of pills
  • Whey concentrate in the base
  • Sugar-free chocolate
  • Inside –  Peanut 
  • Three layers – nut / protein / chocolate

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